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Some words about us, our story and how we came to be.

What do we do

Codify is a premiere full-service development company specialized in software development, cloud solutions and design & branding.

To every project, we bring a combination of our domain expertise, exceptional talent, rigorous agile development processes and of course our greatest commitment in protecting the client’s data and confidentiality.

Our expertise

Our core expertise in software development provides us with a competitive edge in adopting the best practices and emerging technologies in order to build and develop solutions that best fit the client in it’s operating market and industry.

We deploy and maintain projects from physical servers in the premise, to physical servers in the cloud, VPS, Compute engines etc. Based on the client and project specifications and requirement we have a wide range of content programing starting from small management solutions to big ERP & CRM projects.

From websites to offline and online applications, we tend to deliver the most efficient and reliable expertise.

Codify is also you go to partner for producing elegant, functional and user-friendly interfaces.

We decide to let the purpose of the website or the mobile application drive it’s design and the user experience to deliver high acceptance and engagement rats of the services or products you offer in the market.

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