Project Overview

Millennium Cinema sought an all-encompassing solution that covered website design and a comprehensive management system for handling movie listings, schedules, reservations, and payments, both online and at the ticket counter.

The application needed to be user-friendly and intuitive for daily use by staff, ensuring seamless operation without the need for extensive training for new employees. Simultaneously, it had to offer customers a straightforward online reservation process for all available movie screenings.

Furthermore, the management system required integration with printers to facilitate the invoicing system, producing customized tickets with a special design that included seating row and number information.


Technologies Used


From responsive design principles to intuitive navigation elements, every aspect of the front-end architecture is engineered to deliver optimal performance and user engagement.


  • Javasript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • ChartJS, tinyMCE, Moment etc



The backbone of the platform's is built with LAMP stack, known for its reliability and being proven as a technology stack was the way forward for this project.


  • PHP
  • Mysql
  • IMDB API Integration
  • Linux
  • PayPal sdk
  • Google Authentification
  • webTokens


Solution Description

From the start we understood that creating a managment system for the cinema hall that would enable the creation of the rows with assigned specific seats for each row was the first step into creating the managment. 


The website harnesses the power of the renowned LAMP Stack—Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP—alongside load balancers and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to meet the demands of our ever-growing customer base.

As more and more visitors flock to our site, our robust infrastructure ensures seamless performance, allowing us to keep pace with the surging number of requests and deliver a top-notch user experience every time.


Key Achievements

Our strategy of leveraging loading balancers and dedicated servers has yielded significant benefits for both end users and the company. Key achievements include:


  • Rapid Loading Times

Our platform consistently achieves first-load times of under 500 milliseconds, surpassing Google's recommended loading time of under 2 seconds. This swift loading is crucial for enhancing user experience and reducing bounce rates.

  • Scalability

Additionally, employing elastic load balancers servers guarantees prompt responses to user requests, regardless of the platform's traffic load or the number of concurrent users.




Home, movie preview & reservation

Laptop tablet & phone view.

Movie preview & schedules

Laptop view.

CRM reservations

Desktop view.


Projection schedule

Desktop view.